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About me

It all started when I was in 5th grade. I have this Marvel Heroes coloring book, but instead of putting colors in it, I traced the illustrations and act as if I draw them myself. Weird way of showing creativity huh.

Fast forward to college, I took BSIT and immediately fell in love with coding. And so, with the passion I have for design and love for writing code, I decided to start my career as a Front-End Web Developer. I was so sure that this decision will lead me to something bigger.

And now, the present me enjoys creating aesthetic experiences for the web and with a mission to inspire people who wanted to pursue their passion in design or development.


The brand CRTVED (Pronounced /kree·ay·tuhv/ a wordplay for Creative Developer) was established to create a platform where I can be my creative self. At CRTVED we prioritize experience as we believe that human experience bridges the gap between form and function.

Here are some of our work, you can also check us out on Github or Behance.

Sociov Website

Landing page design concept for a startup business.Role: Designer

Filidian Bank Website

A website for a rural bank.Role: Designer, Developer

Kami Ai Logo

Brand identity design for arts & crafts bizz.Role: Designer

Divine Logo

Personal branding for Divine San Diego, an Artisan.Role: Designer

CENA Footwear

Brand identity design for a footwear business.Role: Designer

Something in your mind? perhaps an idea? I'm available for creative discussion.
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Creative Developer, UI/UX Designer and Founder @CRTVED

Independent Web Dev & Web Design consultant | Senior Developer

Lead Creative Front-End Web Developer

Junior Front-End Web Developer

Tech used



Next JS / Vercel

Strapi / Heroku

GraphQL / MongoDB

Adobe PS & XD